Sunday, March 26, 2006

Conservatives Tear Down McCain

It seems presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain has earned the collective scorn and ire of conservatives for his signature legislation, the McCain-Feingold Act.

This morning an urgent alert about our First Amendment rights came across computer screens via NewsMax, that beacon of freedom of speech except for the faithless, unpatriotic infidels who oppose the Iraq War; or the Michael Moores of the world.

The good folks at NewsMax are asking voters to rise up against the tyranny of "John McCain and a few power-hungry Washington politicians [that] apparently don't believe in freedom of speech."

They want to abridge it and abridge it and abridge it - until people like you and me are bound and gagged and helpless.

That way, only government-approved folks like the New York Times or CBS News will be able to criticize politicians and analyze campaign issues without risking a stiff fine or an all-expenses-paid vacation to a federal prison.

You see, this single bill has quelched the right for issue-oriented law abiding groups like the National Rifle Association or the National Right to Life Committee to sponsor ad campaigns right before elections.

At the nerve center of the most recent call-to-arms is a decision by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly that any exception to the Internet violated the law, in a split with prior Federal Election Commission ruling.

The House immediately passed a bill to overturn the ruling without a committee vote, which then required a two-thirds majority, failed, worked out the kinks and is back before the House where now only a simple majority is needed.

A similar bill has also been introduced in the Senate.

Of course, the NewsMax alert happily notes the judge was a Clinton appointee; but when NewsMax asks that we "demand" our First Amenments rights to be "affirmed," it is notable they make no distinction between McCain, Feingold or "other liberal incumbents" miscreants who went to Court to close the Internet loophole.

He "crossed" the administration - so now he will be destroyed a la Carl Rove.
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