Monday, March 13, 2006

Chris Matthews is a ‘Frigging’ Idiot

Hanging around Republicans too long has transported the mark of the beast to the face of Chris Matthews; and nowhere was this more evident than when he interviewed Rev. Al Sharpton and former Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe, cutting them off before they could answer and then chiming in with a smirk and his non-sequitur.

According to Matthews, by refusing to play the GOP’s little Xenophobia game, the Democrats assure their defeat at the polls. Illegal immigration is the new Holy Grail of wedge issue that guarantee victory for Republicans.

With all the sage advice from Matthews, let’s just see how far Brother Jim gets in his bid to be Pennsylvania’s next lieutenant governor. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Matthews pointed to Sen. George 'Gomer Pyle' Allen's crowd-rousing words from Memphis about immigration as proof positive that Democrats are a bunch of clueless duds.

There is only one tiny historical problem with this premise; it's been tried and didn't work.

People don’t give a rat’s butt if foreigners cross the Rio Grande as long as they continue to clean their house, bust their restaurant table, mow their lawn, wash their SUVs, pay into Social Security without taking a dime, and most importantly, stay out of trouble and keep the cost of services down.

What American citizen is going to mow a house lawn for 25 bucks...? Or clean your toilets and 3-bedroom house for $50.00 -- the going rate in Texas?!?

Dream on....

Someone should remind Mr. Tweedy how far the battle cry of “foreigners over the wall” worked for Kilgore in Virginia. He lost by bunches.

A few weeks before those young men who set churches on fire in the south were caught, Matthews quipped that maybe the fires were started by gays angry with Baptists over marriage equality. I think Matthews owes gays and the Democrats an apology.
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