Saturday, March 18, 2006

Candy Oil Man

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela made good on his promise to deliver cheap oil to American households in economically depressed areas.

BBC News reports Chavez is "pumping goodwill" in New England with his oil tankers dropping off heating oil at reduced prices from Citgo, Venezuela's government-owned oil company.

There is snow on the ground in Maine and the temperatures are plummeting. This is where Mr Chavez is launching his latest front in his cold war against the president of the United States.


Among those people who are directly benefiting - like pensioners Malcolm and Mary Lyons - there is no doubting their appreciation for President Chavez.

It's very comforting," she says. "I think it's a wonderful gesture. Thanks to the Venezuelan people to make this all happen to us."

It's a crying shame when the world's wealthiest nation refuses to take care of its own people and a Latin American country has to come in and do the job. Meanwhile, American oil companies wallow in riches.

Leftists cut better deals than their right-wing counterparts, providing that they partner with Venezuela´s President Hugo Chavez.

Salvadorian party Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN)announced a deal with the Venezuelan government to buy refined fuel at preferential terms.

Under the agreement, cities managed by FMLN Majors will receive up to 100 thousand barrels of refined fuel at a discounted price of US$6 m, to be paid under favorable conditions: a first installment for 60% of the bill within 90 days from delivery, and a second in species (“agricultural products and other locally made goods”, if we are to believe the Mayor of Soyapango as quoted by Al Jazeera).
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