Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bush Court of Appeals Nominee Charged with Felony Theft

One-time nominee to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and top Bush lieutenant has been charged by Montgomery County police in Maryland with felony theft.

The Washington Post reports that Claude Allen, "who resigned last month as President Bush's top domestic policy adviser, was arrested this week in Montgomery County for allegedly swindling Target and Hecht's stores out of more than $5,000 in a refund scheme," according to police.

Well, thank God the Democrats blocked his nomination back in 2003; but this is just the latest example of the kind of pilfering, thieving, rotten people Bush has working for him and then tries to prop up to the highest levels of government.

And once again John Kerry is proven right! "These guys are the most crooked, lying group I've ever seen!"

But you gotta give it to the guy; he had quite the scam going on. He would purchase an item, take it to his vehicle and then turn right back, steal the exact item and go straight to the return desk for his cash refund.

Just another good old Virginia boy. The Post writes Allen once "worked for the Virginia state attorney general's office." He also worked as state health and human resources secretary."

And just how did he Allen catch the eyes of the folks at the White House and snag Bush's largesse?!?

The tried and faithful way. The Post reports that as secretary, Allen "earned a reputation as a staunch conservative" to the extent that "once he kept Medicaid funds from an impoverished rape victim who wanted an abortion."

Did we tell you that he is a professed born-again Christian? Yea, another Pharisee who came mighty close to ruling over Virginia as circuit judge.

We're not safe in the Fourth Circuit while Jesse Helms' Carolinian Candidate Terrence Boyle who has an anti-civil rights, anti disability rights record is out there

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