Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Virginia will Lead in 2006 Democratic Senate Takeover...

Here is a list of senate seats up for reelection in November, as well as open seats: Texas, California, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennesee, Mississippi, New Mexic, Pennsylvnia, Rhode Island, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Wisconsin, Hawai, Vermont, New Jersey, Montana.

Here are the states Democrats should and will pick up.

John Kyl of Arizona, Jim Talent of Missouri, Conrad Burns of Montana, John Ensign of Nevada, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania; Lincoln Chaeffe of Rhode Island, and George Allen of Virginia.

Count them folks, that's eight pickups!

From your lips to God's ear.
That’s pretty optimistic:-) The races that the democrats will stand out in are the governor's races; i see pick-ups in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Arkansas. Furthermore Alabama, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada will all be very competitive. That would be an 8 seat pick-up even under the worst circumstances.
Thegools said:

"Don't count your chickens til they hatch."

Election day is a long way away. Also don't sit by and watch. Help make the change happen. I certainly will here in Virginia. I want your predictions to be true, but it won't come easy.
Well, I was right about Kaine and I was right about Mark Herring.

Hope my procrastination streak continues...

I'll definitely be able to tell before November when I canvas for the Democratic candidate which way the wind will be blowing.
Oops, that's canvass.

...isn't "yikes" a great word! I named my blog yikes! You can check it out at
Don't forget that Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee has one of the best pick-up opportunities as well. He is a beloved politician in Tennessee, and he has a great chance as a "moderate" to pick that Senate seat up, as well.

Dear God, I pray to you the our blessed Howling Latina is RIGHT!!

Doug in Mount Vernon
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