Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Trouble with Bloggers in Virginia, Especially Me

To the brave souls who broke the blogosphere frontier early on, more power to you.

And to the poor saps like myself who got into the game late, so be it!

Recently there is been a brouhaha brewing because a blogger had the temerity to lodge his displeasure the way a long-time blogger ranks his lists of Virginia keyboard commandoes.

As a person who often makes mistakes, has to rewrite and rewrite, all the while posting with errors (until I recently dicovered a way to limit errors before posting, as best as possible by a global thinker, not too good with tiny visual details), I confess to being in the lower caste of bloggers.

Yet I think I have a great point of view on local, state and national political affairs; and so have been told by a more "national blogger" who happily links to me, although traffic is paltry.

Of course, the very reason I began to blog is because I love to both write and talk about religion and politics; and I find myself sometimes posting about minor trifflings, as evidenced by the dearth of posts on the subject of religion and social justice.

Well, if you want to link to my blog, fine; but after readying the toadying comments, including my own, on linking by gold, silver and bronze standards, I am speaking out.

Yes, I think the blogger who complained about stratification is right on the $$$. As an old sociologist, I find any kind of stratification offensive to spirit, particularly for people like me at the bottom of the casting barrel.

Whether there are way too many progressive bloggers or not, I say the more the merrier; and if a Johnny-come-lately happens to garner the most clicks, more power to him or her. The Virginia blog carnival is an excellent venue for fellow Virginians to express their political observations and have them read.

Henceforth I will quit obsessing about how many clicks my latest post collected; after all, I blogged for months when the only visitors were spammers. And yes, purposefully, I have linked to no post.

My links are listed alphabetically.
Well said.
I confess to being in the lower caste of bloggers.

Nonsense, some of the best blogs are low traffic blogs, both of my readers would tell you so.
Alice- Exactly! My reader tells me the same thing all of the time. :)

I'm actually the epitome of lazy bloggers, linking in order of when I found your blog and decided to link to it.
I list alphabetically -- otherwise I'd never find them again. The joys of menopause!
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