Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sometimes I'm Embarrassed to Live in Virginia

Going through news out of Richmond in February, a bill that would require clergy to report child abuse passed the Senate, but the sad fact is that the House has killed a similar bill in committee for the past two years.

And that's not even the real outrage; a group that should be supporting the measure is on the record against it.

Hampton Roads Television (Channel 3) reported on Feb 5 that the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists opposed the bill; and here is their feeble excuse.
The group has argued that the legislation would essentially make ministers law-enforcement agents of the state and deter abusers from seeking pastoral counseling.
Read it and weep, fellow Christians. Senator Janet Howell, the sponsor in the Senate, indicates that Baptists are the only ones to oppose the measure, with "members of many faiths, including the Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and Methodist communities" supporting it.

You can bet your last-bottom dollar that if Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell wanted the bill to pass, it would fly right through the House.

What a crying shame! Yea, yea, children are our future and all that crapola.

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