Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sen. Allen Gives a Pass To Cheney

Soon-to-be ex-Sen. George Allen of Virginia told Fox News this evening that whether or not Cheney notified the press and president immediately after he shot his friend, er, acquaintance, is really no one's business but his own. from the dark side has this quote from Allen:
"Everyone can second guess all they want but, ultimately, it’s a private matter by a public person and I think the American people have a right to know what had happened,” Sen. Allen said. "They [Cheney and the Bush Administration] just wanted to get the facts straight.
Well yes, let's get the facts. Like disclosing the blood alcohol level of poor Harry Whittington, in the interest of getting out the truth, of course.

Like Digby of Hullabaloo points out, this guy Cheney has a record of reckless drinking with two DWI's and a license suspension. And like Digby, I think the boys at the ranch were tying a good one, as good old boys are wont to do.

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