Sunday, February 12, 2006 any blow...?

Next time you fly to visit Aunt Martha, take a look around. Although you probably won't have to worry about a terrorist sitting next to you, you know, with all the helpful air marshals jetting about, you might want to still be on the look out.

And if you notice a couple of men in dark suits with clenched fists on a mysterious-looking bag, notify the DEA immediately. Consider it your civic duty, especially after the Houston Chronicle reports two air marshals have been doing a little more than looking out for our safety during their traveling time.

Yes, two federal air marshals were arrested last week and now face charges of trafficking cocaine. Time Magazine, who originally broke the story, writes that one of the marshals "is a former agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration."

Oops, forget DEA, better call Homeland Security.

Sources also told Time the marshals are likely to be arraigned "next week, and will almost certainly be suspended." No more friendly skies, guys.

Feel any safer? I didn't think so.

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