Saturday, February 25, 2006

Perfect Name for our Stupid Junior Senator from Virginia

Smiley-Faced Cowboy George has a new name courtesy of a post at AmericaBlog. From now on Howling Latina will also refer to Allen as "George 'Gomer Pyle' Allen." So fittingly because Allen is as dumb as a lobotimized bag of rocks.

Oh and one query from John at Americablog, what does our "Goober" senator think about Dubai Ports Authority and Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem managing our shipyards?

I can't wait to hear his answer in a debate with either Miller or Webb in the fall.

not just a bag of rocks, huh?
a lobodomized one?
Project Vote Smart indicates that Allen couldn't run away fast enough from Bush on the port issue. From comes the following record of a public statement by Gomer Pyle himself.

Public Statements
Speaker: Senator George Felix Allen (VA)
Title: Allen Expresses Concern Over Foreign Owned Companies Operating Ports
Location: Washington, DC
Date: 02/16/2006

Allen Expresses Concern Over Foreign Owned Companies Operating Ports

U.S. Senator George Allen (R-VA) today sent a letter to Treasury Secretary John W. Snow expressing his concerns over national security if the United Arab Emirates (UAE) owned company DP World acquires the Peninsular and Oriental Steamship Navigation Company. Should the acquisition be finalized a foreign government-owned company would control some of the busiest ports in the .

"Our ports are an essential part of our nation’s continued economic prosperity," wrote Senator Allen. "They are the hubs of the global economy and are vital to moving American products to markets around the globe. However, they are vulnerable to terrorist attacks… While the UAE has been a valuable ally in the War on Terror, there have been past circumstances that have raised concern."
VaBchDem, thanks for the info about Allen's middle name.

Gomer "Felix" Pyle, I like the sound of that name, too.
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