Sunday, February 26, 2006

Our GOP Neighbors Find Comfort in their Defeat

The Washington Times, a source I rarely read (but today being a skimpy news day, I was trolling across the Internet), front-pages Republican losses in Maryland with this laughable delusion.

Maryland Republicans looked back on a string of defeats as the 90-day General Assembly reached its midpoint Friday.

Republican leaders chose to view...setbacks -- including defeat of a ban on homosexual "marriage" and anticipated defeat for restrictions on property seizures by the government -- as costly victories for Democrats.

Kinna reminds me of the battered wife who knows her boozer hubby loves her 'cause he beats her to a bloody pulp every night. Or the latest White House talking points about how the Civil War in Iraq means democracy is definitely on the march. It's a George 'Orwell' Bush world where war means peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, don't you know?!?

I guess GOP'ers in Maryland didn't get the memo from GOP'ers in Virginia. Suburban and emerging suburban voters don't give a hoot about wedge issues like a "marriage" bill as the Washington Post noted in a nifty article this morning.

Each party, every so often, rediscovers the reality in competitive Virginia politics that, in addition to appealing to their partisan base, they need to project a problem-solving appeal to the swing voters in suburban areas," said Frank Atkinson, an adviser to Republican governors and the author of a political history of Virginia.


Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling said he and other Republicans learned a valuable lesson from the last election: Suburban voters want to hear less about bedroom issues and more about education, health care, transportation and gangs.

"Let's face it: If you are in Northern Virginia running a campaign based 100 percent on the social agenda, you are probably not going to do very well," Bolling said. "You have to be talking about issues that people care about. And I think they care a whole lot more about some other things."

Oops, back to the drawing board, dear brainless misguided GOP boosters. The state of suburbia in Virginia, applies equally in Maryland, if not more so.

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