Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh no, Say It Ain't So...

If you thought it was too early for former Gov. Mark Warner to take sides in the upcoming primary race for the Democratic senate seat, you'd probably be wrong.

Michael Shear of the Richmond Report has some disconcerting news for James Webb fans, like myself.

According to an invitation that went out this week, Capital One founder and former president Nigel Morris is hosting a fundraiser for Democratic candidate Harris Miller at Morris's house on March 7, and the special guest is none other than the former governor himself.

According to the invitation, "Friends" who want some intimate time with the ex-governor can contribute $500, "Sponsors" may give $1,000, "Benefactors" may offer "$2,100" and "Co-Hosts" can provide Miller's campaign with"$4,200.

Report notes that a Warner spokesperson assured him Warner had not formally endorsed anyone. Miller and Warner are just old pals and the fundraiser was already organized well before Webb jumped in the race.

Ominously noted, however, "No word on when a Webb fundraiser featuring Warner is scheduled," if at all.

I learned of the fundraiser trolling links at Bacons Rebellion via Blue in Virginia. Thanks Blue for directing me to Bacon. Virginia bloggers are just a treasure-trove of information.

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