Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Poll Numbers for Bush in Virginia and Other States

SurveyUSA released a round of poll numbers for Bush and his numbers in Virginian are pathetic, with an approval rate of only measly 45 percent, equal to Arizona and West Virginia.

No doubt the latest mine accidents hurt his poll numbers in West Virginia.

Leading the states with the highest approval rate is Utah at 58 percent. The president's approval rate in his own home states is only 49 percent; and in checking in on Texas blogs, folks in Texas are excited about their chances of winning the governor's race in November. Taking Tom DeLay's seat and winning the governor seat would be the best early Christmas present, for sure.

Just for fun, I also checked with Wyoming, home state to our vice president. Wyoming approves of Bush by a rate of 54 percent.

Bush is the least popular in Rhode Island at 25 percent. Guess Sen. Lincoln Chafee better starting packing his gear for the move back home in January.

Ohio, a key swing state with an upcoming election, clocks in at 37 percent; and all I have to say is that Sherod Brown better win the senate seat, or I will never, ever, ever forgive the DSCC.

Finally, poll numbers for Bush are 50 percent or better in only seven states. Utah, Idaho, Alabama, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Montana.

Now if we don't pick up some big time seats in both the House and Senate, I will go to my grave swearing the election was rigged with diabolical Diebold voting machines.

DOn't balme the DSCC: blame Charles Schumer. There will be other battles and we'll need the DSCC. But if Brown doesn't win, Schumer should resign as head of the DSCC.
Well, does Schumer head the DSCC?
For this year's election, I think he is. He's a real ass, I've NEVER liked the guy. Even before the Hackett thing. And this coming from a guy who thought Hackett was too controversial for the Senate! All I can is that the DSCC better stay out of Virginia until we have a candidate.
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