Monday, February 13, 2006

Look out George Allen, you're about to be Slayed...

Without appropriating too much from a recent post by DailyKos, suffice it to say our junior senator will likely see his promising senate career end this coming November.

Kos kindly directs his readers to a National Review Online article that thoroughly details the strengths of Webb, such as his stellar resume and compelling life story.

It seems the Iraqi War, the sword of good omen that slayed Democrats into a thousands little scraps in 2002 and 2004, makes its third appearance in 2006 with different results.

In talking about Webb's switch to the Democratic Party, National Review writes:

Why does a man who served in the Reagan administration now embrace the very party that, since Vietnam, has denigrated the martial virtues he epitomizes? Part of it is his opposition to the war in Iraq. Webb is no knee-jerk Bush hater, and his opposition to the Iraq war is based on strategic considerations — he is concerned that by committing such a large force there for an extended period of time we have weakened ourselves in the long run against a rising China.

More to the point, though, is his growing anger at the Bush administration for what he sees as a McNamara-like disregard for military advice, and even worse, a tendency on the part of too many Republicans and conservatives who did not serve in the military to attack the service of veterans like Jack Murtha who oppose the war.

Oh, oh. George better hire additional knights for his crusade, and quickly. Ed Gillespie ain't gonna be enough to fight off the onslaught of Democratic blades afoot in Virginia and the rest of the country.

good read, yes, the chances for webb are good, and just think two years ago who would have believed that this wold even be possible. Allen is at his best when he can be the bully, the tough guy - let's see how he show up to a real fight where the focus (possible) might be on substance, in other words Allen COULD be in trouble if he simply can't "aw shucks" his way back to the senate...If James Webb can effectively communicate WHY the commonwealth (and natioin) needs a change, he will win, and this will be a whole differnt ball game than beating up on an old tired Chuck Robb, for sure...

Regardless, it is only Feb., and lots could change by November. Still lots to be excited about...
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