Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's Official, the Shooting was Cheney's Fault

Anytime I want the scoop on the poop in Texas, it's usually a good idea to check the Houston Chronicle; and my faith in them was rewarded this evening with the latest thread in the "Cheney shoots friend" fall out.

Forget what Mary Matalin, Katharine Armstrong, Anne Kornblut and Ralph Blumenthal of the NYT, former Sen. Alan Simpson, Sen. Norm Coleman "and even Paul Begala," as Firedoglake earlier suspected, they were all wrong. The verdict is in and Cheney is guilty -- guilty as hell.

Read it and weep, Republicans, for no amount of spinning will trump the truth. The Houston Chronicle reports "the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said it will classify the Saturday shooting as an error in judgment by Cheney" as per the department's education director. Heretofore, members of the hunting party insisted it was Whittington's fault "for not announcing his location to...others."

Of course, people have been suspicious from the start that facts as presented did not add up. I mean, for shame, this administration wouldn't know how to be honest with the American people for all the money and gold in the world. Er, maybe money and gold, but nothing else. Their first instinct is to lie and then cover up their lie.

Unconvinced? Well, here is a poignant walk down memory lane with a recap of White House KNOWN lies during the last five years.
"No one could have predicted terrorist would use airplanes as missiles." Yes they could have. "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction." No they didn't. "Iraqis were trying to buy uranium to build a nuclear bomb." No they weren't. "Valerie Plame sent her hubby to Niger." No she didn't. "Well, Valerie Plame wasn't a real covert agent." Yes she was. "John Kerry can't keep you safe but I can." No you can't, as evidenced by Katrina. "We had no idea the levees would break." Yes you did. " We don't do torture." Yes you do. "We don't spy on our own citizens." Yes you do. "The president was notified on Saturday about the shooting incident." Hmm...I rather doubt it; and even so, why was Karl Rove notified before the president?
And saving the worst for last, here's the grand-daddy of them all; the one that got the ball rolling. You'll need your faculties and strength, so please sit down.

"I'm a united, not a divider." [Evil laugh]

Had enough with the lies of this administration? I know I have. Together, let's work to elect a Democratic Congress in the fall. This monster must be stopped.

Cheney is finally coming out of the VP bunker at 2 PM to be interviewed by Britt Hume of FOX News. I hear they are running this on FOX News at 6. Wonderful, he's going to speak through the ministry of propaganda. Well, Bush only gives speeches at military installation surrounded by his praetorian guard. The American people need to wise up...and fast!
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