Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Official, Bush & Company are the Laughing Stock of the Nation...

Much like previous presidents, such as Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, the White House has reached the tipping point of derision. Everyone loves a hearty laugh; and the sad saps are now the butt of jokes and merrymaking.

Remember how funny John Kerry looked windsailing, and all the yuks, chuckles and snortles? How about the Howard scream? What a hoot, no? Well now it's the White House's turn to provide entertainment.

And as anyone who has ever been teased knows, there's a world of difference between folks who laugh with you or at you. It has taken a long time to reach the tipping point, but after month after month of gaffes and missteps and consistent poll numbers in the low 40s, you had to wonder when the day of reckoning would finally arrive.

Psss...guess what Rove? No amount of growling or threats is going to keep us from having a good laugh at your expense. Everything you do from now on will be seen through the lens of an administration that can't shoot straight -- metaphysically and physically.

With the latest news of Cheney shooting and nearly killing his hunting buddy, the imagery makes for great late-night comedy fodder. Pack it up guys, your administration has been shot down. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, get it, shot down?

After five long and painful years of watching the most inept, irresponsible, mule-headed, disruptive, inane, dishonest, arrogant and stupid administration in my life time, the day of Moira has at long last arrived. To every man his due.

Short of a favorable political tsunami to help Republicans, they will lose both the House and the Senate in 2006; and with their karma, I wouldn't bet on the gods to bail them out anytime soon.


Dick Cheney: "somebody who is going to shoot straight with the American people."

Hilarity ensues...
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