Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Iraq Tells the US to Take Their Demands to Where the Sun Don't Shine

After at least 2,277 American casualties and more than $200 billion wasted, today's Washington Post reports the United States has sent a strong warning to Iraq that they are "not...willing to support crucial public institutions plagued by narrow-minded sectarian agendas."

With the '06 elections around the corner and very little progress, the administration is getting desperate, as well they should.

The United States is investing billions of dollars" in Iraq's police and army, said the ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad. "We are not going to invest the resources of the American people to build forces run by people who are sectarian."

In other words, stop your squabbling, form a coalition government, quick, or no more money from your expatriate Uncle Sam.

The warning came at the heels of rumors that " Shiite death squads" are roaming Iraq in police uniforms and "killing hundreds of Sunni men."

As one can imagine, the US is not pleased; if anyone is going to do any killing and torturing, it's gonna be the American military.

And what do Shiites have to say in response?

MSNBC reports the Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari told a British envoy that Iraqi does not want a sectarian government, but "not because the U.S. ambassador says so or issues a warning.”
“We do not need anybody to remind us, thank you.”“We do not need anybody to remind us, thank you.”
Tsk, prickly, prickly.

Every day bombs go off, wounding and killing; and only this Tuesday, the "governor of Iraq’s Karbala province, Aqil al-Khazali...suspended all cooperation with U.S. forces because U.S. security staff last week used police dogs to search government buildings."

Ever since Abu Ghraib, Muslims are a little sensitive and don't much care for pooches.

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