Friday, February 10, 2006

Hey buddy, can you spare $25 million or so...?

As I watched my daily dose of punditry on cable news, the topic of Abramoff and pictures and e-mails came up; and as best as I can recall, Abramoff offered pictures of the president and himself for millions of dollars, the media refused, and instead we had to settle for stories about them, without the visual and embarrassing proof.

Well, here's an idea hopefully folks of the George Stavrakis, MoveOn.Org variety will like.

How about fronting Mr. Abramoff the millions he wants with the legal proviso he not release the pictures to anyone else? And then right before elections, oh like the Saturday evening before, pictures crop up on AOL, Yahoo News and folks with the balls to show them.

Screw the New York Times, major networks, cable news and the Washington Post! We know what they did in 2004 with all the grime and dirt they had on the White House.

Now that its coming out we can do something though. We can take back Congress and the State House's and it begins here! We all need to unify behind James Webb, Thanks for your support!

I referanced you on Raising Kaine:-)
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