Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ephedra Is Back - Get It While You Can via NewsMax!

For the third time in a week, NewsMax.Com, "America's news page," has sent me an e-mail offering Ephedra.

This is the weight loss supplement linked to more than 155 deaths from stroke and heart attack that was banned in the U.S. in 2004.

A few months ago, I signed up for NewsMax bulletins so I could learn about the latest wingnut blather. Not only is NewsMax trying to help me lose weight, but they're also trying to sell me some pie-in-sky scheme where I can "option $5,000 into $170,000 in 335 days."

Here is the pitch for my money and then for my life:

It sounds absurd, I know. But when I did the math... and discovered that it was not only possible, but also highly probable... I told my analyst he could guarantee your money back if it didn't happen exactly as described in the pages that follow.

You could have turned: $5,000 into $64,250 in 2 days (with just one trade) $5,000 into $22,500 in 13 days (with just one trade) $5,000 into $50,350 in 41 days (with just one trade)

I know, the numbers don't add up; and indeed it is absurd. But remember this is some right-wing blog, so what can one expect?!?

Now the pitch for drugs:

Finally, the amazing herb banned for being 'too effective' - EPHEDRA(Ma Huang) is available to the public again....

The Bottom line Is: People love ephedra because it is one of the only natural herbs that you can feel working in real-time. There is no doubt about it - ephedra is the most effective and results oriented herb available.

Imagine taking an herb for energy and /or weight loss that is Strong, Smooth, Confident, Athletic and 100% Organic, Safe and Caffeine-Free...you have just had ephedra. Ephedra will improve your performance at whatever you are doing. It also guarantees weight loss. When you take ephedra, you will love it - 100% Guaranteed.

That's right. Ephedra's smooth, athletic, focused and confident energy is not just surprising...We guarantee that it is the best energy and /or weight loss product you have ever taken...or you can have 100% of your money back.

Click Here To Get Your Ephedra Now - Supplies Are Honestly GoingFast

Maybe NewsMax has known all along that I'm a die-hard blue Democrat. They're trying to take my last penny and then have me croak. But one little query, how in the hell does NewsMax get away with selling something that's been banned?!?

You ask a good question.
An update, the promotion is for real. I am dieting and just received my batch of Ephedra.
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