Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Caramba Conundrum for Sen. George Allen

Virginia Democrats will vote for their favorite candidate on June 13, but in the meantime, will Sen. George Allen remain silent against his possible opponents?

In thinking about the upcoming senate race in Virginia and the latest Democratic entry, former Secretary of the Navy under Reagan James Webb, Allen has a difficult choice to make.

Right now Harris Miller, best pal of former Gov. Mark Warner, and James Webb, former Navy Secretary under Reagan, war hero and best-selling author, are set to face off in the Democratic primary.

With astronomical polls numbers for Warner, any attack on Miller on domestic policy has to be guarded; and any assault on Miller's lack of experience dealing with terrorism could be turned against Allen in the fall by Webb.

In addition, any attack on Webb by Allen instantly raises Webb's profile, and risks elevating his candidacy to the forefront as the most "electable" contender, becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy at the expense of Allen's future prospects.

Although it remains to be seen whether Webb can win as a Democrat, no one argues he would make a most formidable candidate on the issue of national security; and with Miller, Democrats would have the favorable Warner tailwinds at their backs in November.

Should Allen hold his firepower (i.e., his millons of campaign $$$) until after the Democrats nominate their senate candidate, Miller and Webb would have had the freest of hands in traveling the back roads of Virginia and denouncing the junior senator's rubber-stamped bootlicking performance in Congress; and more importantly, each will have their proclamations covered daily by local media.

With Miller as the nominee, expect Warner to come out in full throttle support, placing his future political fortune on the line. And if Webb wins, Georgie's security card will be severely stretched, if not overdrawn.

Jolly, jolly, poor Georgie Allen, should he wait to jump the gate...?!?

Freudian Slip?

Right now James Miller, best pal of former Gov. Mark Warner

I think you meant Harris.
Great new look for your site, btw.
Love it!
Wishful thinking for sure (~.~).

Fixing as I type.

Love the new look.

Allen will hold his resources for after the Dems have got their man. He doesn't want to look threatened in any way. Though I sure the sight of James Webb makes him whimper slightly.
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