Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bad Poll Numbers in Virginia

SurveyUSA via WDBJ (News 7) out of Roanoke reports some bad numbers for Gov. Tim Kaine's transportation plan.

It seems Virginians want new highways, all right, they just don't want to pay for them through higher taxes on gasoline or vehicles.

The Senate's plan calls for higher taxes on gasoline, while Kaine's plan calls for a tax rate increase on new car purchases. The House plan calls for tapping into Virginia's surplus and unfortunately, a majority of Virginians, by 54 percent, like their plan the best.

Of the 600 Virginians surveyed, 86 percent said spending more money on highway construction was either "very important" or "somewhat important," with 49% giving it the higher priority. Just 13 percent said spending more money on highways was "not very" or "not at all" important.

When it came to ways to pay for more construction, 65% favored increasing fines for traffic violations and a slight majority, 54 percent, favored taking money from the state's general operating fund. Respondents were strongly against increasing taxes on cars or gasoline. Eighty-four percent were against an increase in the gasoline tax.

According to the poll, Northern Virginians were the largest group that favored more money for transportation. The tricky part, however, is coming up with the funds to pay for it. Home to the finest sports utility gas guzzlers, a majority do not support increasing gasoline or car taxes.

I guess citizens get the government they deserve. Start building those roads, and we'll worry about finances when we're all broke and ruined.

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