Wednesday, February 15, 2006

After all these Years, Isn't it Ironic...?

If I had a nickel for every time some Republican wingnut brings up Kennedy and Chappaquiddick, an event that took place nearly 37 years ago, I'd be as rich as Midas.

As a born-again left/center blue-dog Democrat who also happens to believe in the reverent law of karma, I find it poetic justice that Cheney's shooting fracas took place in Kenedy County. Okay, it's not the exact spelling but close enough to make the point.

Rumors of possible drinking; lapsed time; somebody injured...Fodder for insinuations and innuendoes for the next 50 years, no?

Very likely, the poor guys at the Texas sherriff's department really want to help Big Time; but lawmen are a breed of their own and take their solemn office oath quite seriously -- especially the foot soldiers.

It seems the vice president is not the only closed-mouthed person. Times reports:
The local sheriff’s office in Kennedy County was saying as little as possible. “We have no information to release,” Sandra Guzman, the sheriff’s assistant, said. When did they know about the incident — and what did they know? “I can’t say, an investigation is going on,” Ms Guzman said. Are you investigating to see if a crime was committed? “I’m not sure,” she replied and then hung up.
Yes, it's best not to say anything; just let a thorough and honest investigation do the talking. Maybe I'm naive, but I just can't see local lawmen covering up for Cheney. It ain't like he's from Texas, ye know...

Hey Howling Latina,
Follow this amazing link to the Charlotte Observer and a story on hunter safety or the lack there-of.
and this from TPM Cafe
Paul Begala also explains hunting to the VEEP, since he is an avid hunter, also.
I enjoyed reading your blog. I also am a Southern Baptist Yellow Dog Democrat, I grew up in North Alabama with many Cuban friends. Keep posting the TRUTH!
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