Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yep, it's bin Laden, and he's still a-missing...

Just finished reading a quick clip from Salon that the voice on the tape threatening to attack the US is indeed Bin Laden. The CIA has confirmed the voice in the tape is none other than the missing terrorist.

"Following technical analysis of the Osama bin Laden tape aired today, the CIA assesses that it was the voice of Osama bin Laden," said the agency official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to use their name.

In a tape delivered and aired by al-Jazeera, bin Laden said that contrary to Bush claims of keeping us safe, the reason the United States has not been attacked since 9/11 is because preparation takes time.

So while Bush and his minions go around the country bragging about how much safer we are as a result of their illegal spying on Americans, bin Laden is free to roam the countryside and plot and plan on how best to destroy us.

The Washington Post quotes bin Laden from a CNN transcription:

Our mujaheddin [Islamic fighters] were able to overcome all the security measures in European countries, and you saw their operation in major European capitals," bin Laden sa[id].

As for similar operations taking place in America, it's only a matter of time. They are in the planning stages, and you will see them in the heart of your land as soon as the planning is complete.

Gosh, I feel safer already.

For the love of god, yes our stupid president let bin Laden get away when he had him cornered in Tora Bora, but that was a full four years ago.

What ever happened to Bush's promise to bring Osama to justice, "dead or alive?" If our intelligence can find droves of senior and number-2 leaders, why can't someone, anyone find and kill the frigging bastard...?

sarcasm alert****No, Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, it was saddam that murded 3000 americans. Typical Liberal trying to confuse the issue.**** Conservative idiots.
why can't bush and company find osama bin laden? because if they did all their "reasons", if you can call them that, for the "war on terror" would have gone up in smoke. then what would they do for a war?

Nimitz' Lady
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