Sunday, January 08, 2006

Will Alito be Confirmed…?

Media pundits across the air waves, print and blogosphere are laying odds on whether Alito will be filibustered by Democrats or not. So fittingly, I will weigh in with my prognostications.

Unless Alito comes across as a warm, caring, well-disposed, warm-hearted judicious justice, Democrats will try to block his nomination.

Stopping the nomination on its track is a win-win situation for Democrats. Polls have consistently shown Americans do not want a Supreme Court justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade. And libertarians of the conservative, centrist and liberal bent, do not want an imperial president who can order his administration to listen to the private conversations of Americans.

With power run-a-mok in the White House and Congress, recent headlines by way of latest scandal of the day, augur auspicious times for Democrats. I mean, even folks at the John Birch Society have turned against King George.

Whether or not Democrats succeed in blocking Alito from the Supreme Court bench, Republicans will be forced to use their “nuclear option” and then be accountable to voters in November.

Making them use some more of their precious political capital is a good strategic decision.

Like the primitive, prototypal Mario Brothers video game, the GOP is fruitlessly bopping up and down, hoping to recharge their depleted juice at the fountainhead.

If Democrats filibuster, Republicans will be forced to use up their energy. Then come November, they'll be zapped off the electoral map.

That Alito is an enthusiastic support of a powerful Executive Branch is more than grounds enough to disqualify him from the bench (he clearly hasn't read that document upon which all of his and his colleagues' decisions are to be rendered, or he simply holds it in contempt as they do).

Don't worry, though; odds are overwhelming that he will sail through the confirmation process, no hardball questions asked. Why? Because the Democrats believe just as much in a dictatorial presidency as their Republican (so-called) opposition. How can they in good conscience object to Alito's philosophy on partisan grounds when to do so would ruin the opportunity of the next Democrat occupying the Oval Office (Hillary in 2009?) to do the same?
Ask most Americans: Do you support wire-taps as a means to combat terrorism? Gee I wonder what their response would be. Yes we know what yours is, but if you’ll note, the U.S. is not a nation of chavistas, not even close.

And since we are on that note, you might be surprised to know, that the chavista is not opposed to wire-taps per se, he/she is opposed to the U.S. aggressively seeking and destroying its enemies. They know, one day it will be them.

P.S. I will go ahead and accept your thanks for drumming up interest in your otherwise limp wrist blog. But I am done for now.
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