Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Roberts Court Could Mean Good News for Death Row Inmates

Call me the proverbial Pollyanna, but my hunch that Chief Justice Roberts is no Taliban Christian and he might prove useful to the cause that is so dear to my heart, capital punishment, was advanced by recent news.

During the confirmation hearing for Roberts, we learned he did some pro-bono work and provided counsel to John Ferguson, a Florida inmate who was convicted of robbing and killing six people in Carol City, Florida in 1977. Although the other two codefendants were tried, convicted and executed, Ferguson is still on death row awaiting execution.

The fact Roberts took up the cross to help a convicted murderer has to bode well for any death row inmate who goes before the highest court to seek justice and mercy. Moreover, Roberts' wife is truly pro-life. She opposes both abortion and capital punishment.

Now the Washington Post reports the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case of a man who was convicted through DNA evidence that turned out to be from the victim’s hubby.

With Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia ordering DNA to be tested which could prove an innocent man was executed by the state, added momentum to banish capital punishment in the United States grows louder and stronger.

Dare we dream that Bush may have inadvertently placed a sympathetic ear on the bench...?

Like you, I have reservations about being associated with a society whose leaders' only alternative to rational thought seems to rest upon their lust for blood and killing.
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