Saturday, January 28, 2006

Read it and Weep Republicans - Catholics are Back in the House...

A truly breathtaking statistic is nestled in a LA Times/Bloomberg poll. It not only confirms that Bush and his Republican confederates in the Senate and House are very unpopular with Americans, more on that later, but for the first time, the poll reveals a group of voters that has been crucial to Republican victories has switched allegiance.

Bloomberg News reports that in their latest LA Times/Bloomberg poll, Catholics astonishingly and overwhelmingly prefer Democrats to Republicans.

If you recall, during the last presidential election, a majority of Catholics preferred Bush over Kerry by a margin of 52 to 47 percent. But now it looks like they're not only having buyer's remorse, but feel they were snookered and then sucker punched.

Yes, inspite of all the hoopla with the two recent Catholic nominations to the Supreme Court, polls from Jan. 22 to Jan. 25 show that a measly 31 percent of Catholics prefer a Republican over a Democratic congressional candidate.

Read it and weep, Republicans. Bloomberg writes:
[S]ome election experts closely follow attitudes of Catholics -- about a quarter of the American electorate -- as an often reliable barometer. In this survey, white registered Catholics, by a 54 percent to 31 percent margin, prefer a Democratic congressional candidate to a Republican.
Hmmm ... maybe Kaine's "suburban strategy" wasn't the only reason the newly sworn-in governor of Virginia won by the cozy margin of 52 to 46 percent in beating Republican Attorney General Jerry Kilgore in the fall.

Progressive blogger MyDD links to the most recent LA Times/Bloomberg poll, as well as the latest Fox News and NYT/CBS News polls.

Same old good news for Democrats. Bush and his cronies and their tired, lying talking points are rejected by a sizeable majority.

In a mix of two old adages and one new truism, you can fool some of the people some of the time but eventually, reality breaks through and well, the roosters come home to roost in the real world.

As one of the Catholics, I believe your allegation of swiched allegiances is a tad pre-mature.

Catholics have no allegiance to either party. You're mis-interpreting the any Democrat versus any Republican. It still comes down to individual candidates.

I worked on the Dean campaign in Iowa and yet still voted for Bush. Bush was the more Catholic candidate. I just couldn't make the switch to Kerry.

If Kerry were to run again in 2008, I would probably vote against him again.

My ideal candidate would be Ralph Nader. Now he had a platform.
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