Thursday, January 12, 2006

¿Por qué no me Quieres?

The obviously racist ordinance in my former hometown, Manassas, 30 miles west of our nation's capital has been repealed after the ACLU and other groups threatened to take the relatively small town of 40,000 to court.

The ordinance had restricted the number of family members who could live under one roof, irrespective of adherence to occupancy limits.

As the Washington Post noted, a five-bedroom house with five cousins was considered illegal under this Draconian law. Of course, one might ask if occupancy does not exceed code, what difference does it make whether it's five cousins living together or five brothers?

Clearly, this law was designed to restrict households with distant relatives living in the same household; a strategy newly arrived immigrants use to save $$$ on housing, especially in the high-rent market of Northern Virginia.

Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled groundskeeper and nanny, but just don't move next door!

It's nice to know there was so much support to work against this idiocy. At least some people have a clue.
I have the feeling that this is just a set back for Manassas version of the Harper Valley PTA that sit in its council chairs.

I live right across the frontera in Manassas Park. I'll be dammed if I'm gonna let someone come into my house to count my familia heads at 3:am in morning.

I would suggest that complaints be register on the Mayor, members of the Manassas city council, and busybody nieghbors, see if they like a taste of their own medicine.
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