Friday, January 20, 2006

No Mercy for Jill Carroll ...

During the last couple of days, we've been hearing that six of the eight female prisoners in Iraq would be released very soon, as if their release was a foregone conclusion.

The people who kidnapped journalist Jill Caroll and killed her translator said they would kill her unless all female prisoners in Iraq were released. The media reports there are only eight women in prison.

Now we learn from Editor and Publisher that the military is saying, "Hell no, we won't let any of them go."

[T]he U.S. military does not expect to release Iraqi female detainees in the near future, a Pentagon spokesman said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

So typical of this administration's callousness towards others. I bet if daddy's little girls were kidnapped, the White House would be doing cartwheels to get them back.

Hell, they'd probably pen a treaty with al-Qaeda; and take up bin Laden's offer for a truce.

Never mind that Iraqi government recommended the United States release six of them on Monday! We call the shots -- but we're not occupiers. Oh no, don't you know, the Iraqis just had an election that brought them freedom -- it just doesn't mean crap.

Editor reports:

An official from the Human Rights Ministry, which sits on the commission along with representatives of the Defense and Justice ministries, said the call to free the women was not made in response to demands from Carroll's kidnappers, who gave uthorities until Friday night to free the women."There was no outside pressure on the commission" to recommend releasing the women, said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared reprisal from insurgents.

"This recommendation came after we studied the women's files provided by the
American military."

So what's the holdup?

Well, it seems the "Iraqi women who are being held by the United States in Iraq" have to go through some damn "process of review" before the US lets them go.

In other words, they only get to go home when Uncle Sam is good and ready; and if in the meantime Jill gets whacked, well what could we have done?

Our fearless leader (when it comes to other people's lives) is so emotionally removed from the pain and suffering of others that he can't seem to appreciate that a blameless breath is at stake.

Move along, stay the course, stay the course...and screw the rest of the world!

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