Friday, January 20, 2006

From the Light...DeLay is going down for the count...

Molly Ivins, veteran journalist and political observer from Austin in a recent article linked to CNN's Web site said, "DeLay is going to lose in his district."

Oh my goodness, this is BIG!

Even though DeLay may lose in November, Molly writes that Democrats have failed to capitalize on Republican hijinks and missteps; and she takes them to task for not standing up for the values Americans have told pollsters they want.

War in Iraq? Check.
Single-payer health care? Check.
Raise the minimum wage? Check.
Repeal the tax cuts to the rich? Check.
Reduce the deficit without cutting domestic spending? Check.

Unlike my earlier comments about progressive bloggers who whine about Democrats they know nothing about, Molly aims her firepower at the Hillary Clintons, Steny Hoyers and Joseph Bidens of the Democratic party who embrace the political school of "Republican-lite."

Funny, when thinking about a true patriot, Molly hearkens back to the late Gene McCarthy, a "quiet man trained by Benedictines" who she said, "liked to quote poetry."

And as I read this, I couldn't help but think about the recently elected governor of Virginia, a not-so-quiet man, but also trained in the faith who progressive bloggers have used as a whipping boy since the recent announcement of his soon-to-be Democratic State of the Union response.

McCarthy was Catholic, same as Kaine; and call me a nutty back-scratcher, but I see similarities between the two public servants beyond mere religion.

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