Wednesday, January 11, 2006

False Prophets...Still Around After All These Years...

It appears the Taliban faction of the Christian right wing has decreed the 12 miners who were trapped underground and died only have themselves to blame.

In an article from AgapePress, Rev. Rob Schenck, National Clergy Council founder and president, suggested the miners only turned to God when their individual resources failed them. And for this, God rejected them.

"We often turn to God only when we feel like nothing else can be done," Schenck ominously noted, "And, in the Bible, God rebuked nations who only turned to Him in their most extreme moments of need."

When someone thinks about Brother Rob and Biblical precepts, his remarks about the tragedy are unsconscionable, groundless and off the mark. After all, didn’t God reveal in the Holy Book that his children can suffer through no fault of their own but for a higher purpose…?

Let's look at Job. The reverend has railed against the victims, same as Job’s friends did against him. And his words are as foolish as ones spoken by Eliphaz in saying:

As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it. At the breath of God they are destroyed; at the blast of his anger they perish." (Job 4:8-9)

Job grew tired of defending himself against baseless charges, as should any person of sound mind and pure spirit. He told them off:

[H]ow can you console me with your nonsense? Nothing is left of your answers but falsehood!" (Job 21:34)
Indeed, Job was “blameless and upright, a man who...shun[ned] evil.” And God ultimately blessed him for his steadfastness in faith.

As for the three friends, God rebuked them for their brashness in daring to opine of matters outside their realm of understanding, something Schenck and his pal, Pat Robertson might want to keep in mind next time they offer their divinations.

We learn from Job 42:7-8:
The LORD...said to Eliphaz...I am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken of me what is right...So now...go to my servant Job and sacrifice a burnt offering for yourselves. My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly."
Spiritually proud people are often the first ones to wrongly give counsel. False prophets are as numerous today as during biblical times. Wisdom comes from silent prayers and obeying nudges from the Holy Spirit. Nothing less. Nothing more.

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