Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Damn those Smart Bombs ~ Lost Another One to Die-Tech!

Reuters is reporting that the U.S. military dropped a few deadly explosives on a house where men "suspected of planting a roadside bomb were seen entering [a] building."

Locals said seven bodies, including at least two children were carted away. But the Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the air raid killed a family of twelve, and their special correspondent had counted two women and three boys, younger than 10.

The exact number of civilian casualties in Iraq is always an inexact science. Especially since the U.S. military "does not count civilian deaths from American attacks." The home was targeted simply because suspected insurgents were seen going in.

I bet most bloody tyrants didn't keep tracks of innocents killed. Just bombs away. No time for formal inquiries, before or after the carnage.

I mean, couldn't the military hold their firepower until innocent women and children were safely out of the way...?


A great deal of the time, justice does not involve or include the consideration of children or the helpless. It, however does endorse the favored outcome that one party (the US) applies for.

For that very reason, a family killed (in arms way) is never counted. Neither are the civilians who perish along side our soldiers.

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