Monday, December 19, 2005

The Weblog Awards are in and the Winners Are..

For Best Blog, Daily Kos won with 21.04 percent of the over-all total votes. Eschaton, another progressive blog followed behind with 15.05 percent. Yukky Michelle Maulkin (from the dark side) came in third with 12.76. Right behind was Talking Points Memo, a liberal blog with 8.08.

In fact, progressives took three of the top four honors in this category, garnering nearly two-third of the votes.

For Best new blog, yep, another progressive won, Yellow Dog Blog.

For Best Group blog, you guessed it, a progressive, Hit and Run.

Best Humor, Jesus General. The general chronicles the Republican Taliban and took one out of three votes. He's that funny!

Best Video, Crooks and Liars. And yes, with the Bush administration and a name like that, you know it's liberal blog.

Oh my, this is an embarrassment of riches.

Best of the Top 250-500, the firebrand progressive blog Fire Dog Lake. Best of the Top 501-1000, another progressive blog, Roger Ailes. Best of the Top 1001-1750, you got it, another liberal blog, The Rebelution. Best of the 1751-2500 blogs, Political Theory Review, another win for the lefties.

The winning streak finally ended when we reached the Best of the 2501 to 3500 blogs. Conservative Musings received a whopping 383 votes.

Gosh, is there even a progressive site that far down the pecking order...?

Leave it to the cry baby Byrd Droppings who came in second with 373 votes to rationalize why conservatives didn’t win until they got to this illustrious category, Best of "Almost-Nothing.”

Lorie Byrd drops this load of crap and writes:

Quite a few liberal blogs (liblogs, as I like to call them) came in first place, mainly due to the fact that in many categories there were only one or two liblog finalists, so the conservative blogs' votes got split. Thanks again. I really do appreciate the support. Congratulations to all the winners...

Geez, I thought conservatives liked to take personal responsibility. Like the reason we didn't win is because the other side has more readers and more votes. And our combined numbers were no match to theirs.

WAH, wah, WAH.

Dear HL,

A late response, I know... But I did want to clarify that The Rebelution (winner of Best of 1001-1750) is written by two staunchly Christian, conservative, homeschool teens. Homeschoolers — which make up the majority of The Rebelution's readership — are traditionally some of the most conservative, and politically active, demographics in the nation. It is far from a liberal blog...

Just to clear that up. And give you hope for the future. :wink:
Thanks for the heads-up.
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