Friday, December 16, 2005

It's Official - Election Fraud So Easy "An Eighth Grader Could Do It"

After reading numerous articles on the Internet about the likelihood of voter fraud from Diebold-made voting machines, mainstream media is reporting that indeed the likelihood is very real.

The Miami Herald writes machines could be easily hacked by any computer buff.

"Ion Sancho, Leon County's election chief, said tests by two computer experts, completed this week, showed that an insider could surreptitiously change vote results and the number of ballots cast on Diebold's optical-scan machines."

It looks like the tin-foil hat crowd was right after all!

Lest anyone think Diebold is the only voting machine manufacturer responsible for lack of security, the Herald further reports that "Diebold isn't the only one to blame for hacker-prone equipment."

Indeed, Sancho went on to say that "the Legislature should scrap a law severely restricting recounts on touch-screen machines and equip them with the means of producing a paper trail."

Ever since 2002 when electronic voting became all the rage, complaints of voter fraud have grown exponentially.

'"If there's no paper trail, you have to rely solely on electronic results. And now we know that they can be manipulated under the right conditions, without a person even leaving a fingerprint,'' said Sancho, who once headed the state's elections supervisors association.'"

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