Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How Perfectly Delicious!

Last night on Countdown sans Keith Olbermann, Alison Stewart interviewed Sen. Barbara Boxer of California.

And in talking to and fro about Bush spying on regular Americans, and whether former White House counsel John Dean was accurate when he stated that Bush can be impeached because he admitted he broke the law, the unthinkable was uttered.

No, we don't mean that Boxer is ready to ask the House to present articles of impeachment. Something even more monumental. The prospect of Judge Alito having to wait until the Senate finishes their investigation on whether Bush broke the law or not.

That's right, no hearings right after Christmas, Boxer proposed. The Judiciary Committee will be too busy investigating Bush to hold hearings on Alito; and after all, Justice Sandra Day O'Conner is perfectly willing to stay on.

Yes siree, wrapped inside the latest Bush scandal, Democrats may have been presented with the holiday gift of "justifiable filibuster." Not because he's a right-wing wacko. Heavens NO!

I mean, surely before any hearings for a new justice can take place, the public needs to find out whether their president broke the law. Bring back Republican talking points during Clinton's impeachment. The rule of law trumps ALL.

And in 2008, Democrats can proudly take their bows before the public on a platform of no more rubber stamps in Washington. They are the party who stood up to King George.

Just let the Republicans holler about 9/11 and terrorists. Democrats can cite the horrific culture of corruption, hint of untold civil right horrors, and remind voters they fought to preserve the Constitution and the rule of law.

Hear that?

That's the sound of the founding fathers finally resting in their graves. All that spinning must have been dizzying.

12/20/05: The day ID died, and the day the Dems saved America.
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