Friday, December 02, 2005

The horror, the horror…!

This morning ten Americans were killed and 11 were wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq. With raging federal investigations into Republican corruption, payola in the US as well as Iraq, it seems every new headline brings to bear the horrible consequences from the seminal 2000 Supreme Court decision that selected Bush over Gore.

Abramoff, former poster boy for Republican largesse is desperately trying to strike a deal with prosecutors to stave loss of assets and liberty. The Top Gun duke is going to the pokey, Scanlon too. DeLay and his buddies Libby, Ney, Reed et al will no doubt have their day in court; and the steady drum beat of dead American soldiers goes on and on.

We recently learned that cozy journalist Viveca Novak (yes, no relationship to Robert) at Time tipped Rove’s attorney, Robert D. Luskin of possible problems for Rove in the horizon.

Hey, they were friends...

It seems Novak told Luskin that Fitzgerald was zeroing in on Cooper, another journalist with Time and that contrary to White House denials, Rove had indeed talked with a journalist about Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame.

And surprise of all surprises, Luskin immediately asked Rove to check all his e-mails (you would think this would have already been done) to make sure he had not "mispoken" in earlier testimony.

Lo and behold, poor Rove found an e-mail that trumped his earlier testimony with Fitzgerald. He had earlier chatted with reporter Cooper about Plame.

Now lest not forget, there is also a Supreme Court nomination waiting in the wake; and if confirmed, in keeping with his written opinions and mother’s confirmation, new Associate Supreme Court Judge Alito will overturn not only Roe v. Wade but many other laws protecting civil liberties.

Yikes, with 2,123 American deaths and 15, 881 casualties in Iraq, no end in sight and a total culture of corruption in Congress, if Democrats don’t nab at least one of the congressional houses in Congress in ‘06, America truly will deserve her just desserts.

This was an unexpected treat on a relatively slow news afternoon. Mercifully, it seems nothing yet has come out of the bomb threats in Connecticut.
Regarding the Plamegate vs Abramoff scandal square off.
I contend while Abramoff is going to scorch many in Congress who had dealings with him Scanlon and Kidan Plamegate is nuclear for President bush cannot survive politically without the Puppetmaster!

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