Saturday, December 03, 2005

El Presidente Muy Bravo...

Good for Pres. Vicente Fox for canning his little visit with Pres. Bush.

CBS is reporting that the Mexican president abruptly cancelled his meeting with our "Jefe" shortly after the state of Texas did what it always does, execute inmates.

The case involved a drug smuggler who was a Mexican citizen. He was convicted of killing a Dallas police officer.

Now lest anyone think Fox might've had a scheduling conflict ALA Rove right before he thought he was going to be indicted, Fox made crystal clear why he was cancelling his trip to Crawford.

"This decision is an unequivocal signal of rejection of the execution," said the spokesman, Rodolfo Elizondo. "It would be inappropriate, in these lamentable circumstances, to go ahead with the visit to Texas."

Apparently Mexicans don't especially like for "gringos" to execute their brethren.

"Fox is showing the United States that if it ignores Mexico, Mexico will ignore it," said Javier Mendez, a 33-year-old accountant who said he listened to live coverage of Suarez's execution on his car radio.

Mexico does not have capital punishment; and it refuses to extradite anyone who faces the death penalty in another country.

But Texas, being the moral paradigm of justice and god-fearing Tom DeLay, Karl Rove and George W. Bush, leads the nation in executions, guilty or innocent, as the Houston Chronicle recently noted.

Javier Suarez Medina was the fifth Mexican citizen executed in the US.

Gosh, I feel safer already...

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