Monday, November 28, 2005

A Stroll through Bloggger Lane

After reading that another journalist, Viveca Novak of Time has been summoned by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to come in for a little chat about what Karl Rove's counsel may or may not have discussed with her, I took a walk down cyberspace to learn the latest buzz.

As one might expect, progressives are ecstatic. Rove is still very much under the crosshairs of Fitzgerald; and sexiest men alive notwithstanding (especially for Plamegate junkies anyway), he is carefully, deftly and methodically plodding through reams of story streams to get to the bottom.

Fitzgerald told us: "When you decide whether or not to charge someone with a crime, you want to know as many facts as possible. You want to know what their motive is, you want to know their state of knowledge, you want to know their intent, yous want to know the facts. "

So now bloggers of the liberal persuasion are trying to reconstruct the puzzle with a new player in the mix.

And what sayeth conservative bloggers...?

As one might also expect, their elixir for every ailment is spin based on out and out venom and lies.

Here is a sample of the comestibles on their cyber tray, with the venom first:

What the hell is Fitzgerald fishing for now?

What's Fitzgerarld running for? (Hmm...the ghost of Tricky Dicky from 1974?)

Exactly who in the Justice Department renewed this clown's lease?

Now here's your tray of lies:

Another fishing expedition by Fitzpatrick.
Damn, it has been over two years, millions of taxpayer dollars and a second Grand Jury.
And one WEAK indictment.

He's still ignoring all the facts, some of which are pretty glaring...

Damn, it has been over two years, millions of taxpayer dollars and a second Grand Jury

Damn, I don't remember any of them complaining when Ken Starr wasted $60 million and six years on a Whitewater fishing expedition that found no wrongdoing whatsoever.
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