Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy Days for Virginia

During the last few days, this blog has been remiss for not blogging. Too busy trying to elect Tim Kaine as the next governor in Virginia.

And to that end, anecdotal evidence from canvassing showed strong support for Kaine in the outer-outermost burbs of DC. In Fauquier County, where I live approximately 65 miles west of the nation's capital, Democratic and Independent voters indicated they planned to vote for Kaine as their next governor.

With that said, this post will assume (yeah, I know all about ass -u- me) that Kaine won. If this comes to pass, the seminal event, in my mind, was Kilgore's early October ad with images of Hitler. A huge overreach and mistake.

For the uninformed, Kilgore aired an ad with a grieving father decrying Tim Kaine for having the audacity of defending the person who had killed his son. Never mind that every man has the right of counsel before the law.

As polls later showed, voters were totally turned off.

Unfortunately for Kilgore, the ad came at the heels of the just aired debate where political guru Larry Sabato had asked candidates if they would promise to limit negative ads to no more than 50 percent of air time.

Immediately after the debate, Kilgore fired off his venal verbal fuselage. Kaine was then able to frame Kilgore as a meanie; and any Kilgore attack ad afterwards lost its potency; falling on mostly deaf ears. Just more of mean Jerry being his old nasty self again. You know that Jerry!

It didn't help Kilgore that Kaine was able to morph his death penalty assaults as attacks on his personal faith. And not just any faith, but his personal devout Catholic faith; the same one as the two recent Bush Supreme Court nominees.

Having listened to Kaine's message of hope on the stump, with his almost imperceptible Biblical references (who for the non-religious simply came across as heartfelt sincerity and honesty), Kaine is the real deal. A man of service, from his early 20s as a missionary to today.

And having found favor with the universe, karma, whatever, the timing of Kilgore's unfortunate ad, together with Kaine's rapid effective response, can only be attributed to good fortune, fate, or...dare we say it...? Divine intervention.

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