Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Gig and Jig were UP

After days without blogging, this is my mea culpa to readers.

Regarding the latest nugget in the goldmine of theories regarding Pulitzer Prize journalist Bob Woodward’s stark revelation that he knew who was leaking information about Wilson’s wife before any other “known” journalist, painstaking hours of reading story streams raise one theory above all others.

It is actually quite simple. Rove's attorney's tete-a-tete with Fitzgerald and Woodward's delayed angst and stunning disclosure are linked.

If you recall, just before Rove was about to be indicted in late October, his attorney gave the special counsel information that gave him "pause.” Roget’s dictionary defines “pause” as “to cease or suspend an action temporarily; to linger; tarry; or hesitate.”

Thus Rove obviously coughed up information that prompted Fitzgerald to temporarily suspend the indictment; and Rove used this new information not only to delay the imminent but possibly alter the ultimate story arc.

In light of Woodward revelation, emptywheel posits the perfect nugget to explain the latest twist in the ongoing drama and what Rove's attorneys banked in Fitzgerald’s vault.

It was news that Woodward had been the first journalist at "the beginning of the chain" in outing Valerie Wilson. Thus by the time Fitzgerald formally indicted Libby, someone else was already under his radar screen; and why Fitzgeald took special care in the indictment to say Libby was merely the "first official known" to have released information regarding Wilson to reporters.

And from here, it’s a straight line of possible scenarios, all leading to Woodward testifying and identifying a new Mr. X, someone even higher up the White House food chain than Rove.

Emptywheel notes,

“Something happened between October 28 and November 3 that caused Mr. X to come forward and then, in turn, for Woodward to testify. Perhaps Fitzgerald (in the
scenario that says Rove didn't say who leaked to Woodward) simply called Woodward and said, I know you received a leak, time to come in. Or maybe Woodward put two (all the leaks that he had a bombshell) and two (not Libby's indictment, but Rove's lack of indictment) together to realize Fitzgerald had him. Or maybe Fitzgerald called Mr. X (in the scenario that says Rove said who the leaker was) and said, "remember when we chatted in June 2004? Well, you seem to have forgotten something."
Ultimately, any new evidence from the Woodward bombshell will be shared with the newly christened grand jury.

And yes, right about now someone really, really high up in the White House must be a very worried source.

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