Thursday, November 24, 2005

And This is the #1 Conservative Blog Site...?

Rarely, if ever, do I travel to the dark "site." But seeing as to how Instapundit has the number one conservative blog address on the Internet, I said why not?

Well folks, here's a bit of doggerel that should answer that question. In explaining Rep. Murtha's recent call for withdrawal for Iraq, Glenn Reynolds writes, "DONALD SENSING has thoughts on the Democrats' strategy:

So, knowing that the plan was to redeploy troops beginning next year, the Democrats decided to get in front of the wave: Demand the troops be sent home NOW and then when the Pentagon announces the plan to redeploy, take credit for it.
Gosh, what a brilliant a strategy! But just one small observation. Couldn't the president, vice president or his Republican cronies in Congress have easily debunked the Democratic game plan last week by simply stating the obvious....?

Why keep repeating the mantra of staying the course...? It's quite obvious that instead of Democratic machinations, it's the Republicans who are plodding and scheming for a way out. And once again, Republicans want to highjack Democratic Party ideas to survive the onslaught of anger from their irate constituents back home.

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