Friday, November 04, 2005

According to the New York Times, prosecutors have narrowed the scope of Rove's role in outing CIA agent Valerie Plame.

The crux of the case against Rove seems to be centered around a phone conversation between reporter Matthew Cooper of Time and Rove on July 11, 2003, which he had initially failed to disclose.

Around the same time, evidence shows Rove told Libby that he'd spoken with Robert Novak about Wilson's wife and the conservative pundit would soon write a story about Wilson's trip to Niger and how his wife, who worked at the CIA, was responsible for the trip.

The indictment also shows a swirl of activitity around that time. The following day, Libby flew on Air Force Two and talked with White House officials (Cheney and Cathie Martin) on how to handle the brewing problem. Without knowing dialogue content, it can be inferred that a response was devised, especially since on the very same Libby called both Cooper and Miller and disclosed Valerie Plame's status at the CIA.

Tell Republican contributors that you have had enough of the actions of the Republican Party and you will not take it anymore.

Boycott Dominos Pizza and call their corporate headquarters at 800-468-4726 and make the demand that the CEO David Brandon get George W Bush to withdraw the nomination of Samuel Alito and nominate a moderate to the Supreme Court or that you will boycott Dominos pizza. Dominos pizza CEO David Brandon supports the antiabortion movement. Pass the word.

Call your Senator and tell him or her that unless he or she votes against Samuel Alito, you will boycott Dominos pizza and they will lose alot of money and that you’re boycotting them because they give money to the Republican Party and the CEO David Brandon supports the antiabortion movement with money.

I call for as many people to call Exon/Mobil Corporation and demand that they set their prices so that people can pay $1.50 per gallon, OR they face a purchasing strike against their gasoline stations which means:No getting auto repairs at an exxon and mobil stations.No buying soda, beer or any other item at an Exxon or Mobil gas station that has a convenience store.No buying of gasoline at an Exxon or Mobil gasoline station.

Also demand that Exxon/Mobil get the Republican party to stop legislation that calls for drilling in ANWAR or you will boycott them for this reason as well.

Ok, the purpose of this appears to punish the gasoline station owners in the Exxon/Mobil gasoline chain. They appear the weakest link in the structure. They don’t have the huge cash reserves that the parent oil company Exxon/Mobil does.

Then proceed to buy gas, get your car repaired and buy convenience items at another brand gasoline station. When Exxon/Mobil capitulates then the others will follow suit.Call or email Exxon/Mobil today! Tell others.

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