Monday, October 17, 2005

A Whodunnit Theory

In the Miller/Libby/Rove/Plame whodunnit story, one thread could point to Bolton, and here’s a penny’s worth of guesswork from Howling Latina.

After dissecting more than 9,000 words from the New York Times article and Judith Miller’s personal tale, one paragraph that caught my eye was the jailhouse conversation between Miller and Libby in mid-September.

Judy writes, “When he talked to me about how unhappy he was that I was in jail, that he hadn’t fully understood that I might have been going to jail just to protect him [Libby] thought there were other people whom I had been protecting.”

How sweet and tender. But exactly why would Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff believe such a notion, unless he knew exactly who this mysterious other person is?

The Raw Story reports Fitzgerald is aware of who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the media; and “it’s not someone at the White House.”

This would preclude Rove and Libby, but certainly fits nicely with my theory that Bolton is the key to this whole mess.

Bolton certainly had access to the intelligence and was ballsy enough to carry out the dirty deed.

We also know he made several inquiries into the names of several intelligence officers and the Senate ultimately filibustered his nomination to the United Nations because the administration refused to turn over the list.

Moreover, the ambassador was fast friends with Miller who certainly didn’t get the name of “Valerie Flame” out of thin air.

Bolton as a suspect favorably matches with three ingredients of crime: motive, means and opportunity.

Bolton had an aide that that is tied into this too, but I cannot remember his name. This thing has so many angles to look at I can't keep track.
I like the scenario you paint, though I still wonder if Miller lied about having a source, using what she knew from others to claim she did. Other reporters have faked sources. Still, that wouldn't explain the Bolton visit, unless it was conjugal.
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