Friday, October 28, 2005

When Hubris Takes over Established Bloggers

Just yesterday I posted about catty rantings from progressive blogger DailyKos; he attacked Tim Kaine and called him a coward.

You see, Kaine's campaign refused to grovel at the czar blogger's feet; something about withdrawing an ad by email. Kaine had the temerity to pull an ad from a blogger without giving him a personal phone call.

And his thanks for using him in the first place? A nasty shot from the number one blog on the Internet as well as from two less popular sites. Note to future candidates: Get some sort of agreement on terms of termination.

As a hard core abolitionist, this election is too frigging important to allow personal peeve to torpedo the election of Tim Kaine next Tuesday.

Like the 2000 presidential run by Ralph Nader, look where a little gripe and vexation got us? That's more than 2,006 American soldiers dead, 15,520 casualties; a ruined economy; civil liberties gone bye-bye; a right-wing cabal about to take over the final branch of government with the soon-to-come Supreme Court justice; felons back at the White House (in some case, the same felons); the safety net to be pulled under from yet more feet; but at least Nader made his precious point, right?

In doing a little Lexis/Nexis I found a gem of an article that gives background to the Roger Coleman case in the Houston Chronicle. The Knight Ridder article by Leonard Pitts Jr. was also published by the Detroit Free Press, no registration required.

The long and short of it is that DNA currently lying around a laboratory in California could prove a man was wrongfully executed in Virginia; and once Kaine is governor, unlike wussy Warner, he will order the test.

And the good Lord willing, the DNA will prove Coleman was innocent; and then it's Katie bar the door, the movement has a martyr; and we'll be asked for quotes; and the quotes will be picked up by national media; and then; and then...

Lives are at stake here, okay. No time for frigging hissie fits from oversized bruised egos. It's just too damn important.

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