Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rove in the Short Crosshairs of Fitzgerald

Now that Judy-of-a-billion-excuses-and-changing-principles has chatted with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, the grand jury is expected to wrap up their work and either indict someone or close shop by the end of October.

Reuters recently reported that Karl Rove’s attorney has stopped asserting his client was not a target of Fitzgerald's investigation in outing CIA covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson.

And there is a deep suspicion that Rove might be indicted. The media has noted a discernible Rove absence at recent White House events; and George Stephanopoulos remark on his Sunday talk show that the president and vice president were directly involved by way of "discussions" with presumably Rove and Libby certainly got the town further buzzing.

The New York Times has already reported that a memo passed around Air Force One on July 7, a week before the famous Robert Novak column appeared in a Chicago Sun-Times column, "identified Ms. Wilson by name and described her as having a role in her husband's selection for the mission to Niger."

And Robert Novak’s column of July 14, 2003 was two full days after evidence has definitively shown ”Rove... knew about Wilson's wife's position at the CIA.” Troubling for Rove is his assertion to "the grand jury that he never saw the memorandum."

Finally, it was reported that Bush spent “more than an hour” answering questions about the Plame leak back on June 24, 2004. At the time, the Washington Post noted that “special prosecutor…and several assistants questioned the president for about 70 minutes in the Oval Office.”

I don’t think they were asking Bush for ranching tips or the intricacies of shrub clearing; and I don't think they were asking Judy when she testified last Friday about her inner child or how it felt to be a private citizen again.

In the latest development, The Associated Press reports Rove has asked "federal prosecutors" to allow him to testify once more. You know, to clear the air. But unlike Rove's previous three testimonies, the special counsel did not give Rove any assurance he would not be indicted in the future.

Stay tuned, boys and girls...

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