Monday, October 03, 2005

Pit Bull for Stealth Supreme Court Candidate

What does anyone know about Bush’s loyal flack, recently nominated to the highest bench?

I called my daughter, a Houston attorney with a law firm whose partner as a young man was fast buds with Judge Priscilla Owens (recently filibusterred and ultimately confirmed to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals) to learn what she knew of Bush’s latest stealth nominee.

It seems mum is the word. No one knows very much.

“That’s funny,” she said. “Just a few minutes ago my boss just asked me the exact same question."

Well, here’s what we do know. Harriet Miers was president of the Texas Bar Association; member-at-large with Dallas City Council; Bush’s personal attorney in Texas; came to Washington and as White House staff secretary “personally control[led] the flow of written information into the Oval Office.” She received both her undergraduate and law degree from Southern Methodist University and Bush once lovingly called her, “a pit bull in size 6 shoes.”

Last November, when Miers was promoted to White House counsel, the media noted that her allegiance to Bush seemed to be her supreme quality; and her principal qualification was her longtime friendship with the president; and oh, "defusing scandal, a potentially useful asset" for a beleagured White House.

Ain't life swell!

The Associated Press once again points out that "at a time when the president is being accused of cronyism, [he] is certainly opening himself up for that again with this nomination." Andrew Cohen, legal analyst for CBS said, "She's certainly no John Roberts."

As a loyal ally, Bush confidently assured his base that the nominee will be the type of judge he promised. “Harriet Miers will strictly interpret our Constitution and laws. She will not legislate from the bench."

This will be Miers first appearance before the Senate; her prior appointment did not require Senate confirmation. Her testimony, however, will likely reveal little about her. Certainly nothing in her record favorably suggests "life experiences" that Sen. Dick Durbin asked of Roberts that would bode well for "the powerless, the disenfranchised, minorities and others" who might come before her.

"It is the responsibility of every generation to be true to the founders' vision of the proper role of the courts in our society," Miers said in her press briefing. "If confirmed, I recognize that I will have a tremendous responsibility to keep our judicial system strong and help ensure that the courts meet their obligation to strictly apply the law and the Constitution."

In other words, another Clarence Thomas!

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