Monday, October 24, 2005

My suspicion gains momentum

This afternoon a story by United Press International adds weight to my earlier post. Fitzgerald has indeed widened his probe. He is now investigating the case of the forged Niger documents that at first glance confirmed Iraq was looking for raw materials to build weapons of mass destruction.

Two sources confirmed to UPI "that Fitzgerald's team of investigators has sought and obtained documentation on the forgeries from the Italian government." The article reports that "Fitzgerald's team [was] given the full, and as yet unpublished report of the Italian parliamentary inquiry into the affair."

You see, the original documents were obvious forgeries with signed names of Italian officials who were no longer in government; and it was these documents, which were alleged to conclusively show Iraq was a menace, that clinched the deal to go to war.

The article reminds readers that "a separate Senate Select Intelligence Committee inquiry [is] still under way, and while the Republican chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas seems to be dragging his feet, the ranking Democrat, Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, is now under growing Democratic Party pressure to pursue this question of falsifying the case for war."

Oh my goodness, no wonder the president is increasingly getting testy with his junior and senior aides!

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I hope this is true and Fitz opens up the can of worms. It only gets bad or really bad for Bush from now on.
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