Monday, October 31, 2005

Kicking Butt on the road to Richmond

According to a recent poll by the Washington Post, Democratic Tim Kaine leads Republican Jerry Kilgore among likely Virginia voters in the governor's race by 3 points, 47 to 44. Independent Republican Russ Potts trails with 4 points.

The Washington Post reports that "Kaine is seen by a majority of voters as having run an honest straightforward campaign. Sixty percent say he has been 'honest in his political dealings' and fewer than half believe he would 'say anything' to get elected."

For the political famished, here are more statistical comestibles to masticate on. Forty-three percent of Virginia voters have an unfavorable opinion of Kilgore; this compares with only 33 percent for Kaine.

Since independents are the least likely people to be fooled by smear tactics with herd-like mentality, Kaine also leads by 52 to 33 percent with independents. They know a strong Virginia requires more than a boogey man with no plan trying to scare them with his latest straw man. Kaine wants to invest in education, transporation and health care for small businesses with a budget that won't bankrupt state coffers.

Kaine's positive campaign of ideas is working. Voters have grown tired of the slash and burn politics of destruction of yesteryears; and with recent White House shenanigans and indictments in full national view, integrity in government is paramount, including honest ads.

Kilgore's campaign to paint Kaine as just another tax and spend willy-ninny liberal didn't pan out. In fact, almost half of independents think Kilgore is "too conservative" for Virginians; but "less than a third think Kaine is too liberal."

Yes, when Tim places his hands on the family Bible and swears to uphold the laws of Virginia, he will uphold them all; not just the ones he likes. And people instinctively know the one-time Salvadoran missionary will carry out his duties with both integrity and honor; he is a public servant in the best sense of the word.

During the past few weeks, a drench of endorsements from local newspapers on behalf of Kaine produced political sunny skies overhead. One of Kaine's initial endorsement was by award-winning Washington Post; and within days, The Roanoke Times, The Fauquier-Democrat, part of the Times Community chain of 19 weekly papers in Northern Virginia, Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bristol Herald Carrier, a large paper in the Southwest, Virginia-Pilot and Suffolk News-Herald, both in Hampton Roads, and Daily Press in Newport News, weighed in to support Kaine.

This long list of newspaper endorsements is but a few drips in the groundswell of support for the soon-to-be governor. Over 3,000 law enforcement members embraced Kaine in late-September; and since then, his list of supporters has exponentially grown, from most Hampton Roads mayors to local firefighters, sportsmen, and average citizens across the state. sure looks like Scott “Slime and Slander” Howell of the same Dallas-based firm who swiftboated Max Cleland, a triple amputee in a campaign in Georgia, failed to work his evil magic in Virginia. The tired and ragged dog just couldn't hunt no-more. Howell's brand in "framing issues" backfired, leaving Kilgore little ammunition during his waning campaign days.

One savvy Kaine media strategist said of Kilgore, "They do have a bit of wind in their faces."

Heck, with a 43 percent unfavorable quotient that is growing by day, the wind looks like it's condensing and compressing into full Hurricane Anti-Jerry force.

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