Monday, October 24, 2005

Disecting the tea leaves...

In reading a recent post by Digby in Hullabaloo, I was reminded of something I failed to write about last week when I initially read Judith Miller’s tome.

In odd rhetorical form, Miller puts to pen what Libby told her in a way that suggests there could be a whole lot more to the story.

“My notes indicate…, [m]y interview notes show…, as the interview notes…, my notes show…, according to my notes…, my notes suggested…, [m]y notes contain, my notes do not show…, my interview notes do not show….”

Yikes. Everything is through the prism of the Book of Notes.

Digby thinks Miller is sending “a carefully scripted message to Libby, and perhaps to other sources.”

My initial reaction was that Miller was taking great care to not disclose anything new; to stick to what she’d already told the special counsel. This sentiment grew even stronger when it was reported Edward Bennett, her personal attorney, helped her write the New York Times story.

Yet in thinking about what Digby said, I can see how Miller’s little one-trick pony story may have actually been two-trick ponies: a device to lessen legal jeopardy for her in the future, and as a way to communicate to her sources that full testimony only revealed what was evident through her notes.

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