Sunday, October 02, 2005

Campus Police Gone Wild

A student was stripped of his right to speech by an overly zealous campus police officer last Thursday at George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia.

Home to last year’s Kerry victory party on Super Tuesday and only a day before one-on-one debate between current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine and third-party Independent Republican aspirant Russ Potts, security accosted a student who was roaming the main building with an antiwar sign.

Not liking his message, the clueless officer asked the student to leave the building; and for good measure arrested him afterwards.

Today university authorities told the study body via e-mail oops, we're sorry.

Intolerance, they said, ran counter to the school's “commitment to freedom of speech." In the future, they would "work to avoid attacks on expressions of free speech, including destruction of signs and other written statements.”

And of course, a full investigation into the matter is underway.

Well I should say so…

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