Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This will be a quick post on the likelihood of Ben Affleck running against smiley-face George Jr. in Virginia's senate race next year and winning.

The Washington Post reports this morning Democratic operatives are mulling over Affleck's prospects of beating the “Aw shucks, I’m just a country boy” junior senator, George Allen (R).

But progressive bloggers are dead set against Affleck running. Too little air in the 50,000 gallon blimp, "a media sucking distraction" for the less glamorous Democratic senatorial candidates.

Before we discount the hunky actor, remember the Commonwealth has a rich history of electing high-profile names or their family members. With nominal political experience, both current senators were initially dismissed as lightweights cashing in on their celebrity status by kin.

Back in 1978, the senior senator of Virginia, John Warner, “won in the closest Senate election in Virginia to that date” with the handy help of his then wife, movie icon, Elizabeth Taylor.

And Junior’s claim to fame was his father, former Redskins and Hall of Fame coach, George Allen, Sr. Before winning a statewide race, Allen's political experience had been an unremarkable eight-year stint in the General Assembly, elected once to Congress, and then tossed out through redistricting.

Allen may well be a formidable political opponent with the perks of incumbency; but he does have a tendency to make some very dumb comments.

Not convinced? Here are his words about this, that and this. And remember his ties to Dubya are no longer a plus.

Besides, if Fred Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred "Gopher-Love-Boat Grandy" and Sony Bozo, I mean Bono, can get elected, isn't wiping off yet another Republican smirk worth the risk of Affleck's giant sucking machine ?

As political spokesman with the Tim Kaine for Governor campaign said, "He'd certainly help get people to watch the debates!"

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